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Her paintings engaged my imagination!

I experienced Judith Mehr’s paintings for the first time on a visit to the Springville Art Museum.  Her sense of detail, the warmth of the colors and the connection among the subjects kept me standing in front of her work asking myself questions about the story that was being told.  Her paintings engaged my imagination.
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Patty Willis

Her ability to render light and reflections is superb.

The art of Judith Mehr is astonishingly versatile, her subjects ranging from portraiture to still life, landscapes to scenes of everyday life, and religious depictions, both narrative and symbolic. Such diversity in thematic representations is matched by her ability to utilize various styles with equal adeptness.

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Linda Jones Gibbs, Ph.D.

A Little About Myself

I have been a professional artist since 1973, with my paintings included in the collections of government, corporate, and religious organizations, and of private individuals on three continents. Here you can browse my paintings online and even purchase original art and prints through PayPal.

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Here are a few selected paintings that demonstrate the depth and breadth of Judith Mehr's work over time. Click on the Gallery link to view her complete works.

Early Years: 1974-1990

During these early years in my art career, following my graduation from Brigham Young University, I spent most of my art time painting landscapes and still-lifes in both oil and watercolor and searching for ways to market my work.

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Commission Years: 1978-2003

In 1977 I moved to Utah and began taking art commissions that came from The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. They commissioned me to paint portraits of general authorities, illustrations of aspects of church service,

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Post 911 Years: 2001-2015

A very decisive event happened for my art career in 2001. The attack on the twin towers in New York, and the subsequent panic and upheaval that ensued following that, changed my art career. Since art is considered by many to be a “luxury” item, sales of my work plummeted following that harrowing event.

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Social Commentary Years: 2016-Present

Suddenly, in 2016, I saw a photo on the news of a bloodied Syrian child sitting on an ambulance seat, dazed and forlorn. I felt that I had to “do” something, but the only thing I could think to do was make a painting that depicted angels coming to comfort this child. This began my resurgence of art activity.

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