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Post 911 Years: 2001-2015

A very decisive event happened for my art career in 2001. The attack on the twin towers in New York, and the subsequent panic and upheaval that ensued following that, changed my art career. Since art is considered by many to be a “luxury” item, sales of my work plummeted following that harrowing event.

After having no sales for over a year, I went to work in my second field as a bookkeeper at an office. I continued to paint in the evenings, but sales did not pick up when the economy got somewhat better. Once you lose momentum, it is hard to regain it.

I was also getting used to a constant income, so I was somewhat reluctant to put too much stock in returning to full-time art as a way to make a living.

These years saw sporadic art production.  However, these years also saw important development in my techniques and abilities as I continued to paint "after hours."


Soup Fixin's

Glow On a Few Reds

Woven Basket With Pears

Winter In Zion

Grandma Is A Storyteller

 Shepherd Lessons


Posing Gypsy


Mountain Spring


Felix & Rizzo 

Acquiring the Mood

Provo Falls


               Thy Faith